Dumbbell Review: Weider SpeedWeight 100

weider_speed_weightGetting started in weight lifting inevitably means that you’ll quickly have to make a decision about what dumbbells you are going to buy. Adjustable dumbbells are the most financially beneficial choice as you won’t have to buy new weights as your training progresses and your strength increases. However, there is still a massive variety to choose from when it comes to adjustable dumbbells so it is imperative to do your research before you make a final selection. Continue reading Dumbbell Review: Weider SpeedWeight 100


Is Weightlifting Safe?


There has been much debate over the years as to exactly how safe the practice of weightlifting is. The reputation of the sport has been tarnished with assumptions of its dangers over the years, but to understand this reputation you would have to look deep into these claims. It would be fair to say that the declarations of weightlifting being unsafe were born from marketing campaigns by the companies selling weight lifting machines. By suggesting that by not using the machines to do so could potentially cause injuries, they were therefore encouraging the point that it was safer to lift weights using their machines. Continue reading Is Weightlifting Safe?

Getting Started with Weight Lifting

choose-dumbbells1When you start weight training, the most essential thing you need to purchase is your equipment. Lifting weights is great for your body and will really improve your muscle to tone but it’s essential you have the right equipment! This won’t only ensure that you get the best results but also that you don’t injure yourself. Using the right technique is also just as important but we’ll get to that later. Continue reading Getting Started with Weight Lifting